So I had to call National Grid today …

I’d like to pay my bill, but I don’t have my bill with me and I didn’t feel like driving home just to get the bill so I could make my payment.

So I talked to some CSR. Mia, I think her name was. Or Mara. Something with an “M,” at least.

She asked for my account number or social security number. As I don’t have my bill (and don’t feel it necessary to memorize my National Grid account number), I gave her my social.

Next question: My name. Then, address. And then she asked my phone number. At this point I stopped her. What in God’s name could she possible need all this information for? I just want to pay my bill!!!

So I told her how silly it was that she had a parade of questions to ask and said, “If anyone ever calls and wants to pay my bill, just let them. Don’t make them jump through all these hoops.

She told me it was “for security purposes.”

I laughed. “The first thing you asked was my social securty number. They already had that. Plus my name and my address. They’ve already got all the good stuff. I’m not really worried if they also have how much my electric bill is for!!!!!”