I got a letter from the NRCC this afternoon railing on three New York Congressmen, including Brian Higgins, for taking “tainted money” from the apparently aptly named Rep. Anthony Weiner. The letter (full text below) demands that they give the money back.

For the life of me, I don’t know what makes the money “tainted” other than the fact that it was at one time held by Weiner, who, although he showed horrible judgment and a general lack of morals, has broken no laws. Is it tainted because Weiner is basically an idiot? If that’s the case, is the GOP claiming that they only take money from smart people? Better give all that Sarah Palin money back. Are they claiming that they take money only from people of good moral standing? Anyone out there who ever got cash from Newt Gingrich better throw themselves on the alter and ask for forgiveness. I can’t help but wonder how many Republicans Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned with in the past decade.

No, this has nothing to do with intelligence or morals and everything to do with the GOP trying to tie popular Democrats like Higgins to people the GOP thinks are toxic. They did the same thing with Kathy Hochul and Nancy Pelosi. How’d that work for them?

If the Republican Party would spend more time governing and less time trying to bring down Democrats, they might actually accomplish something. The “wisdom” and “leadership” at the NRCC these days is completely rudderless. No direction. No clue. No thanks, GOP. Isn’t it time for you to go away yet?

Will Owens, Bishop and Higgins Continue to Silently Condone Weiner’s Unacceptable Behavior?  

Good Afternoon, Reps. Bill Owens (NY-23), Brian Higgins (NY-27) and Tim Bishop (NY-1) find themselves deeply exposed to the scandalous Anthony Weiner story which grew to historic proportions yesterday.  Combined they’ve accepted almost $20,000 in tainted campaign cash from the web-surfing and picture-Tweeting Congressman. 

In news I’m sure you didn’t miss, Rep. Weiner came clean after lying about inappropriate pictures he posted of himself on Twitter. Despite Weiner’s stiff denials at the outset of the scandal, New Yorkers now know the hard truth about his bizarre behavior.  

This question remains: Will Owens, Higgins and Bishop return Weiner’s tainted campaign contributions?  

Please consider the following comment from the NRCC as you cover the downfall of Weiner and everybody it touches: “Anthony Weiner’s New York colleagues find themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Owens, Higgins and Bishop should return this tainted cash and stop supporting the Democrats’ bulging spending habits.” – Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman  

Included below is additional information on the money received from Rep. Weiner, as well as these members’ history of returning tainted campaign cash.  

Tainted Campaign Cash from Weiner 

Bishop $10,000 

Higgins $4,000 

Owens $4,000  

Tainted Campaign Cash from Rangel 

Bishop $15,000 / All returned 

Higgins $11,000 / ??? 


Tory Mazzola 

National Republican Congressional Committee 

Twitter: @ToryMazzola