So … apparently they left the doors open again on the crazy barn.

just got off the phone with a guy who complained that we ran photos of
the hijackers in our 9/11 coverage and in doing so have made them
martyrs, which is “what the Muslims want.”

Obviously, we did
this, he said, because we are “a left-wing news organization.” He added
that no other newspaper in New York would have had the audacity to
publish the photos of the hijackers. I told him to offer terms and I’d
gladly make him a wager on the issue. He declined.

I asked him if every photo and video he’s seen of Lee Harvey Oswald were shown for the purpose of making him a martyr.

He said, “He didn’t kill 3,000 people!”

I pointed out that he did kill the president and some people thought that was kind of a big deal.

knew I was going no where with the guy as soon as he said, “the
Muslims.” I offered to let him talk to my boss, but he declined and hung
up quite curtly.

Oh, the crazies.