Like many of you, I’d imagine, I have a cell phone charger at home and another at work.
Funny story. For some reason that escapes me now, I brought my home charger to work on Wednesday. And forgot it there. So Thursday morning, my phone had drained completely and I had no charger. I live in Tonawanda and work in Lockport, so it’s not like I could just pop in and grab it. It’s about a half an hour drive. Fortunately, my downstairs neighbor uses the same charger and I got through the day.
After work on Thursday, I remembered to bring home my home charger.
Friday, I get to work and find that I’m actually working out of our Tonawanda offices instead of the Lockport office, like I usually do. So in order to make sure I got through the night, I brought my work phone charger to the Tonawanda News with me … and then home.
My girlfriend and her kids came over Sunday to spend time with me and my girls. She brought her home charger with her … and accidentally left it at my place. (She lives in Lockport)
After dropping my kids off at their mom’s (Lockport) following the weekend, I popped into work to grab the power cord for my laptop, as I’m off for a few days and won’t have the juice to get through it without the power cord, should I need to use my work laptop.
I would have let my girlfriend borrow my work charger, since we use the same type and I won’t need it for the next three days … but I left it at home. Along with my home charger. And her charger. If you’re keeping track here, on Thursday morning, I had no phone chargers at home. As I type this, I have three.
Also, it’s not without irony that the reason I had stopped into work at all was to get the laptop cord/charger.

Every day that passes, I’m a little older – and hopefully a little wiser, but more importantly (and sadly) right now, we’re a little closer to winter.

It’s football season and the Bills are off to a great start, having won half as many games already as they won all of last year.

Last night started Sabres’ pre-season. That excites me a lot more than football season, quite frankly. If spending means winning, then the Sabres should have a great year this year. Of course, spending doesn’t always mean winning, but I’m hopeful anyway.

My neighbor across the street put scarecrows out over the weekend. I think they’re Halloween decoration. I love Halloween more than most, but I think it’s a bit early to start decorating. Of course, it’s better than my neighbor down the street who still has Christmas lights up – and lights them. I’m sure they’d say they’re not “Christmas” lights, they’re just lights. But I’m not buying it.

We’ve only got a little over three months before it’s 2012 – and there’s just 14 months before the world is supposed to end … again. You may recall that the rapture was supposed to occur earlier this summer and didn’t. Of course, I’m okay with the world not ending this summer. And I’ll be equally pleased if it doesn’t end next December. I have too many things left to do than I’ll be able to accomplish in 14 months. One of them, apparently, is to invent a way to charge phones and laptops without cords.