The following was originally published on the cover of the sports section of the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal on Sept. 20, 2011.

Hello, hockey!
Sure, there was no Ryan Miller. Granted, there was no Thomas Vanek. And, yeah, there was no Derek Roy. But it was still the Buffalo Sabres.
For the next seven months, this is a hockey town. As the temperatures cool, it’s like it’s really Buffalo again.
Like the rest of the region, I’m happy to see the Bills off to a good start, but I know the best chance for a championship this year (or any year in the near-future) lies w/ the Sabres.
The Sabres looked good, beating the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1, Monday night. But I don’t think anyone in the First Niagara Center cared what the score was.
It’s hockey time. And this is a hockey town.

The “Leading Off” elicited the following response:

Hi Scott,

This is not a hockey town as much as it is a football town. If you had a poll on which the fans of Buffalo would rather have a Stanley Cup of a Super bowl Win, it would be hands down a Super bowl. I will say now that I am not a hockey fan as most people in this country are not. Woman’s Softball has a higher TV rating than hockey does. We do have some of the best sport fans in the country but the difference between goings to a hockey game with 18,000 fans compared to 75,000 fans there is no comparison. Going to a Bills game is way more exciting. 

Bye now


So … what do you think? I’m a hockey fan. I say this is a hockey town which happens to also have a football team people like. Brian is a football fan and says it’s a football town.

Would you rather have a Stanley Cup? Or a Vince Lombardi Trophy?