Got this press release from Subversive Theatre. Love those guys …

Marx is back with a special message for the demonstrators of Occupy Buffalo.  Don’t miss this rare event as we take political art right to the heart of the new movement!
Saturday, October 29th @ 7pm
in the Media Tent of the Occupy Buffalo Encampment in Downtown Buffalo’s Niagara Square

     Join us as we take art right to the heart of the struggle!  Veteran Buffalo actor Keith Elkins once again takes on the role of the Father of Communism himself with an important message for the people of Buffalo.

     KARL MARX IN NIAGARA SQUARE is our lightly adapted version of MARX IN SOHO by recently deceased radical historian Howard Zinn.  This powerful, polemical one-man play suddenly seems more relevant than ever as activist around the Globe step forward to take back our world from the Corporate Elite.
     “Why have I returned?” Marx asks in this impassioned direct-to-the-audience filibuster.  “To clear my name” he bellows defiantly.  Don’t miss the powerful words of one of history’s most unforgettable revolutonary leaders performed right in the epicenter of the new wave of activism.
     Actor Keith Elkins first performed this role for Subversive Theatre’s first-ever production back in 2002 under the title KARL MARX IN ALLENTOWN.  Since then we’ve presented the piece in Geneseo and in multiple locations throughout Buffalo. We’re thrilled to now the opportunity to share this play’s urgently-needed words with all our brothers and sisters in the struggle for a better world.
     Our presentation of KARL MARX IN NIAGARA SQUARE is Saturday, October 29th at 7pm in the Media Tent of the Occupy Buffalo Encampment in downtown Buffalo’s Niagara Square.  This event is free and open to all.
     We look forward to seeing YOU in Niagara Square this Saturday!  All Power to the People!


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