Hand written hate mail in response to this week’s column.

Basically, it says that the Democrats were right for not allowing us in
their post-election party … because the US&J is

Specifically, it says:

“What a bull shi—- you are. I remember the day when you were a Democrat and made it known loud and clear.

“I don’t blame the Democrats for not allowing your photographer to invade them on Election Night. You, Boss Tucker (apparently says who, what, where and when is printed in the rag), Karen Keefe, Bob Confer, et al treat Democrats like crap, then expect to be treated respectfully when YOU CHOOSE.

“As I’ve said before, you straddle the fence and go where the grass is greener, so to speak.

“Just a lot of blubber.”

Have I mentioned that I love hate mail? I’m giddy.