Check out the following on the Washington Post:

Production of commemorative coins scrapped to save money:

Are you waiting desperately for that dollar coin with the face of Warren G. Harding or Calvin Coolidge? It may now be harder to find.

The U.S. Mint is suspending production of commemorative presidential one dollar coins as part of a government-wide plan to cut wasteful projects and reduce fraud.

Vice President Biden and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made the announcement Tuesday at a Cabinet-level meeting that touted the progress of the White House’s Campaign to Cut Waste, an effort launched at the height of the summer’s federal debt negotiations to demonstrate the Obama administration’s commitment to curtailing federal spending.

I’m confused. I thought the reason the mint was making these commemorative coins is because they made money doing it … like the USPS does on commemorative stamps. Oh. Maybe the postal service isn’t the model quasi-government agency to follow.

Personally, I’d like to see the mint do only what they have to. And I’d like them to scrap pennies. And I’d like the postal service’s monopoly on mail to go away. And I’d like a million dollars. I’ll probably get all those things at the same time.