People’s senses are different — Smell, taste, vision, and touch. We all perceive things differently. I can’t stand the smell of limburger cheese, for example. But I love the taste of a “good beer.”

My sense of style is probably different than yours. I like plain colors and I’m not a fan of patterns. Definitely no flowers.

And my sense of humor is unique to say the least. But I can usually find humor where people try to project it.

Not funny, however, is a late-night “comedian” offering $5 million to charity if a public figure will prove that he’s not “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan.” Less funny is when the public figure provides his birth certificate the following day and asks for the $5 million to be donated to a charity of his choosing — and the “comedian” says it was just a joke and the public figure should “suck it up.”

To be clear, I think Donald Trump is a buffoon. Not a baboon, mind you, but a buffoon. You could make an argument that Bill Maher dished out exactly what Trump deserved in his “Real Time” tirade since Trump made such a big deal about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Normally it’s conservative talk show hosts’ sense of “humor” that I don’t get. I find that the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck say crude, rude and dispicable things and then later claim them to have been “jokes” when they’re called out for being the poor examples of humanity that they are. But that phenomenon isn’t reserved for conservatives. Case in point, I really didn’t find the suggestion that Trump was the offspring of an orangutan to be all that funny. It was low brow humor at its worst — a few steps down from The Three Stooges.

But whether or not it was funny, it seemed to me to be a legitimate offer: “Show me your birth certificate and I’ll give your charity $5 million” — just like Trump had done with Obama. Maybe it was all for ratings or the sense of sensationalism. But it sounded like a legitimate offer to me.

Now that Maher welched on the “deal,” Trump has decided to sue him for breach of contract. Who’s laughing now?

Truth is, I don’t know who will win this lawsuit. And I don’t honestly care. They’re both kind of despicable people — and they deserve each other. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll both be found in contempt or something and have some sort of gag order imposed preventing them from ever speaking publicly again.

Then I don’t have to listen to Donald Trump talk about what a “loser” Karl Rove is. Not that I’m a fan of Rove either. But he’s funnier than Trump any day.

Scott Leffler is not a comedian. But he knows funny when he hears it. Sometimes he’s even funny on Twitter @scottleffler.