In Lockport we have an ongoing issue with seagulls which have overrun a parking lot which will some day be a Walmart.

Last year, in fact, Walmart was sued for killing some of the gulls when they tore down a building that was on the lot.

For some reason, you see, seagulls are protected. Flying rats. Protected. Go figure.

Anyway, here at the Lockport Journal, our “cub reporter” Joe Olenick is doing a story about Walmart’s efforts to get the birds to go away so they don’t get injured while the megastore is built. And our “senior reporter” Bill Wolcott referred to the incident as “The Second Gull War.”

Made me laugh … and ponder the fact that I haven’t updated my other blog — — in far too long. I should get on that.

Be safe, my friends. The bird war is real …