So apparently I have just too much time on my hands.

See, myself and two friends — +George Root and +Craig Bacon — decided we should start a writing troupe, if you will. We get together once a week and work on some grand projects.

BUT … once a week just wasn’t cutting it. So we started what I have referred to as a “round robin” writing project. One of us starts a short story. Then another adds to it. And then the third adds more. Back to #1, #2, #3 again. And wrapping up with the person who started the story.

We’ve finished our first one and offer it up for your perusal here.

The fun thing is the writer after you can follow your train of thought or completely derail it. You might think you know where the story is going, but get back something that you never expected. That happened with this first piece.

I hope you enjoy this. You’ll see more soon. Very soon.

– Scott