This looks great. I loved the first three Purge movies … and the studio’s decision to make this prequel “topical” is quite clever. Of course, if you read the comments, a lot of people are butthurt about it. “Leave politics out of movies” seems to sum it up. I’m always amused at all of the “leave politics out of ‘x'” comments. And frankly, I don’t get it. Put your SOUL into your work. And if your soul is political, then put that shit into your art. Or whatever. But for some, only business owners can be political (think Papa John’s or Hobby Lobby). Now, personally, I won’t spend money at Papa John’s or Hobby Lobby. Because I don’t want to fund something I disagree with. And if you disagree with the “politics” of this, then, by all means, don’t go to see it. But if you truly think this is “political” (as opposed to being cleverly topical), then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.