KURE BEACH, N.C. — A Facebook page serving the Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Community has found itself reaching viral status after a tongue-in-cheek post about where people can find sharks in the area.

Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Community‘s page posted a map on Wednesday showing where sharks could be found. Hint: They’re in the water.


As you can see from the above link, the “map” has been shared 5,800 times in the few days since, as well as gotten 1,200 likes and 276 comments. The comments, as you can imagine, are gold.

Jon M. Lopes points out the obvious: “Fun fact, sharks live in the ocean…” Clearly — as indicated by the map, they also live in the inland waterways. Best to steer clear of them, too. But if for some reason, you find yourself swimming with sharks, Cuckoosnest Vacation Rental offers some stellar advice: “Just remember, you don’t have to swim faster than the shark you just have to swim faster than your buddy.” Handy information to know.

The Facebook page offered a pair of follow-up posts. First, where to find snakes:

Then, where to find mosquitoes: