First the groundhog didn’t see his shadow … then the moon blotted out the sky … and now the cicadas are coming. Clearly 2024 is in peril.

Then again, the groundhog usually doesn’t see his shadow, there are eclipses every year — maybe just not in your backyard — and the cicadas are always coming. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean 2024 is safe.

Anyway, cicadas.

In late April through mid-May, the Midwest and Southeast will witness the simultaneous emergence of two cicada broods, Brood XIII and Brood XIX, a rare event that takes place once every 221 years. That means that the last time this particular cicadapocalypse happened, The United States was in the process or purchasing Louisiana.

As annoying as these trillions of red-eyed, noisy insects are, they play a beneficial role in the ecosystem. They’ll be around for about four to six weeks, during which they’ll complete their growth, molt, and mating processes.

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