The birds aren’t really fans of us human types when we’re on the ground. And they definitely don’t like us when we’re in the air.

That’s why it’s no surprise that a paraglider in France got attacked by an eagle. The fact that the attack lasted 13 minutes, however, is a bit shocking.

According to local reports, a man identified only as Thomas was paragliding in Pre, a reported hotspot for the sport in eastern France, en route to Dent du Villard mountain, a popular paragliding route in the Alps when a royal eagle swooped down and swiped at Thomas’ neck.

The royal — or golden — eagle breed is far from small with a wingspan reaching 6 1/2 feet. It was believed to have been defending it’s “territory,” AKA, the sky. There are around 1,000 royal eagles in France.

“The eagle continued to attack for 13 minutes, digging its claws into the paraglider’s arms, causing lacerations and puncture wounds,” according to

Thomas was treated for his injuries when he eventually reached terra firma and needed stitches on his neck and arms.

Local authorities recommend staying on the ground when in royal eagle territory during breeding season, which runs from March to August.