You may have seen this video before of a cat watching the movie Psycho. It’s titled “Cat Reacts to Horror Movie,” but it’s clearly Psycho … even before you hear the “Mrs. Bates” towards the end. But do you know the back story?

This cat’s name is Togepi — named after a Pokemon. And it was born in 2015. It shares an Instagram account with some other cats at

According to Togepi’s human mom, she was found stuck in a car hood on Sept. 25, 2015. After a couple days, she was adopted by a nice guy who, two months later, had to un-adopt her. The woman who originally found her took her back and added her to the family.

Togepi took to watching TV with the family, who seems to have a thing for horror movies. They recorded several videos of Togepi watching a variety of movies and on April 15, 2016 posted the above video to their Instagram account.

The video was picked up a couple different YouTubers on May 13, 2016 — and went viral from there. She even appeared on The Ellen Show.

Togepi’s mom says, “She is very naughty, she climbs curtains, steals things from the kitchen, opens drawers and takes everything out… She is like a naughty kid that never gets tired of being naughty. She brings joy to our family. I am glad she came back to me. I never wanted to give her away in the first place.”

As of April 20, videos of Togepi were still being shared via the family Instagram.