A recent study of United Kingdom beaches says that 43 percent of Brits have been attacked by a seagull.

The study was carried out by WhichBingo, whose team ran a survey consisting of 2,000 Brits, to discover the seagull attack hotspots of the UK.

Of those surveyed, most people had been attacked at Brighton Beach with Blackpool Beach coming in a close second.

A story about the study published in the Blackpool Gazette notes that “the Gazette has featured the case of a woman in a wheelchair who was left with two black eyes after a seagull flew at her and hit her in the face, while in Cleveleys a man was scratched as a bird grabbed a sandwich out of his hand – and in Fleetwood a dogwalker also had a black eye after a seagull attack.”

WhichBingo spokesman Charlie Shakespeare said “Our research shows almost half of all UK holiday makers have had a run in with aggressive seagulls.”

Keep this in mind next time you’re at the beach, folks. The gulls are not our friends.