One thought on “Untitled Post”
  1. Way too heavy handed. Did someone have a bad day–yes they did, all the poor folks in the court room. Lower income and some unfortunates. Were some guilty and that’s why they were there? You bet your bung. However, The Good Judge went way too far.
    Here’s a suggestion for what it’s worth.: Since everyone was supposed to be in a “courtroom,” and since everyone was supposed to go through detectors, then why didn’t Mr. R, the judge,. ask for everyone to empty their pockets? I don’t believe that when you are in a court, the search and seizure applies. A deputy, city cop or whomever, could have conducted the whole thing.
    With Mr. R’s bro being the County Social Services commish–It’s no doubt that these folks may have some dissdain for the “unwashed masses.”
    Just as an aside–Judge Restaino’s father was a city of Niagara Falls Department of Public Works–shop-keeper, truck driver, etc. Roots are easy to forget I guess when sitting at a high desk.

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