Another day. Another dolla.

Yep, it’s Monday and as I said last week, we’re getting back to politics on “the show” today. The absentee ballots in Niagara County’s 12th and 15th legislative races are to be opened at the Board of Elections and those absentee ballots will be the deal maker/breaker in each race.

What won’t change is that the Republicans will control the County Legislature. But that hardly makes the races a moot point. It’s HOW MUCH control the GOP will have that matters. It could work out at a 4 vote swing – the difference between a “victory” and a the ever popular “mandate.” Can the Elephants steamroll the rest of the legislature even moreso than they have been? Or do they need to use some due diligence?

I’ll be honest, I’m hoping the Dems take both races. Not that I’d really trust the Dems running the county any more than the Republicans, but the closer we are to 50/50, the better off the public will be. Yes, I believe that GRIDLOCK is a good thing. You see, quite simply, I believe that the less government, the better … and what better way to ensure less government than to keep elected officials busy arguing with each other rather than creating jobs for their cronies. Ooh. Look. Something shiny.

To make a long story short (too late), I’m looking forward to getting back to local politics … and politics in general. If you want more, make sure to tune into Dialog on WLVL AM 1340 at 11:10 this morning or download the podcast later.<