Just some thoughts about the day ahead.

1) I’m glad Cercone lost in Niagara County’s 15th district. I’m not a “journalist,” I’m a “talk show host.” There’s nothing that says I can’t be openly in favor (or opposition) of one candidate or another.

2) Note the wording of #1 – I’m glad Cercone lost. Not that I’m happy Apolito won. Harry has lots of catching up to do to make me happy as a constituent, but Scott’s bow to the dark side lost my vote. Considering the small margin of victory, one would have to wonder if he coulda pulled it off had he stayed positive. He would have had at least one more vote – mine.

3) In the 12th district, it looks like Ceretto beat Johnson. That means the GOP picked up a seat overall and are closer to world (or at least county) domination. And I’m a step farther from GRIDLOCK. (I should have t-shirts made).

4) Governor-yet-to-be-elected, Eliot Spitzer wants to remove the privelidge of drawing their own districts from the New York Assembly and Senate. I support that entirely. He called it “unconscionable.” Hard to disagree with that. I’ll talk more about this at 11.

5) Watched Star Wars Episode III again last night (this time with my wife). She thought it was as good as I did. I may be better than Empire. And that’s saying alot.

6) I started a “group” on MySpace: Niagara Libertarians. Gotta spread the ideals. Hopefully some of you will help.

7) Today’s interview is with Bernard Von Nothaus, architect of the Liberty Dollar. Should be interesting. All of my “the Fed is evil” listeners will love this guy.

8) More later.