Slept in this morning. It felt nice. My eight-year-old woke me up by saying, “It’s fifteen to eight.” Not, “It’s quarter to eight.” Who says that? I usually get up around six, get some stuff done, heat the house up, make coffee, etc.

I make exceptions on Saturday mornings after having been out until 4 in the morning the night before. That happens occasionally. There’s frequently alcohol involved. I don’t remember the rest. j/j … at least about the remembering part.

Today’s show will be a continuation of Monday’s and yesterday’s shows. I want to talk about the superintendent situation at Lockport and PC Tony’s thoughts on Delphi. It’s created much buzz.

I’m told that the Lockport Schools Superintendent situation is a done deal. Several school board members will get jobs for themselves or their friends and family in return for their votes for Terry Carbone. Assuming this is true – and (unfortunately) I have no reason to doubt it – any board member THINKING ABOUT trading our childrens’ future for a job should be tarred and feathered. And then fed to bears.

I’m getting some response from local musicians who want to hear their music played during the show. If you know a musician within WLVL’s broadcast range, have them get me a CD or email me some MP3s.

On that note, the guys that did the song I played at the start of yesterday’s show will be doing a whole show live. It’s Karaoke on WLVL with “Horrible at Best.” It’s three guys in college and they seem funny as sh*t. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also in discussion with Gorilla Punch to do a 1/2 hour. And I’d like other bands to do the same.

By the way … It’s December. Just 24 days ’til Christmas.