Why is it that I always look at my Gazelle with disdain. It sits there in the corner of my bedroom mocking me. “Hey, fatty. Bet ya can’t ride me!” But then once I jump on the stupid thing, I don’t want to get off it. What I had planned as a 15 minute Gazelle session this morning turned into a 30 minute session. I “Gazelled” 2.6 miles and burned more than 300 calories. I kid you not – it’s addictive. I kinda hope I can get addicted to it again before I gain any more weight. All this pizza and wings is NOT good for my diet. Actually, I haven’t been so good about the diet lately. But last night I ate pickles as a snack instead of ice cream … or pie (mmm pie) … or Little Debbies (oooohhh Little Debbies). See. I have a problem. I’m easily addicted. To ANYTHING. Gazelling. Music. Talk radio. Food. Beer. MySpace. It’s a problem. And the only way I can lick one addiction is to find another. Certainly there could be worse addictions than working out, right?

New topic: A guy I met through MySpace has a talk show down in Florida. This morning he interviewed Katherine Harris … yes THE KATHERINE HARRIS. Amonst her dribble, she said her opponent (she’s running for the Senate, you know – against Bill Nelson) is “to the left of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.” I’m thinking Miss Harris might not want to compare her opponent to two of the most popular senators in the Union. But hey – if it sinks her campaign, it’s good with me.

I made a statement on yesterdays show that “if you think … you should listen to another show.” I shouldn’t have said that. How can the ignorant and uninformed become learned if they keep listening to blowhards. Bring me your ignorant – your stupid – your lemmings. I’ll straighten ’em out.

Someone made a comment that I do a good show “when I’m pissed off.” Of course, I try to be “excited” when doing my show. Who wants to listen to a Ben Stein soundalike? But I don’t want to let emotion get the best of me. Sometimes it’s hard though. What’s with the guy yesterday who wants to blame the whole Delphi situation on … noneother than Bill effin Clinton. He caused the Dinosaurs to go extinct, too, ya know? Actually, I’m sure according to the guy that called, there was never any such thing as Dinosaurs cause they’re not in the Bible.

Alright. On that note. I’ll sign off … for now. But consider yourselves warned.

I may post again later.

Bwah – ha – ha – ha -ha. *rubs hands together*