What the shit?

So yesterday a guy called me an asshole. On live radio. And today a guy said I’m even “stupider” than he thought. Are people new?

I’ve always been an asshole. I always will be. But that doesn’t mean you should call me that on live radio – with kids listening.

And I’ve never claimed to be bright. Math isn’t my thing. Science isn’t my thing. I’m not so good with English. And I don’t remember enough history. So … not so bright. If you thought I was, you’re mistaken.

But I don’t get it. Someone explain? Please?

I’m thinking of boycotting my website. That’s right. My own damn site. I might just post all my thoughts here from now on. I was going to post this stuff at my site, but then decided that people would just say stupid stuff … so screw it.

MSNBC had a good story about voter dissatisfaction signaling an opening for a new third party. —> story link <—

I looked for the thing the caller was talking about this morning with John Kerry putting troops in … blah blah blah. But I couldn’t find a reputable web site that listed such a claim. Sites that did list it:

World Net Daily
National Ledger
and RedState.org

And who the hell is John Kerry anyway? Why should ANYONE care? He’s not the president. He’s not going to be the president. Can we ignore him in hopes that he goes away? That’s my plan.

Here’s the story about Hillary Clinton’s flag burning bill. —> story link <—

Personally, I think it’s dumb. While I, myself, am not in favor of flag burning, I’m vehimently opposed to banning it. And no, that’s not hypocritical.

Speaking of hypocrits – I mentioned the state hypocrisy in the lottery. And briefly discussed the King Kong Millions game. Whaddya know? Someone from North Tonawanda won $1 million.  (ticket #151406691  sold at YANKEE SPIRITS, 959 PAYNE AVE, NORTH TONAWANDA)

It was nice to see Tom Christy. It’ll be cool having him host Scholastic Bowl. Should be fun to listen to.