So if you were listening to Dialog today, you’ll notice that it was Memorex. That’s “The Worst of Leffler Volume 7.” I don’t like to play the same “Worst of” episode repeatedly, but other work duties interfered with my ability to host a talk show today.

See, we have computers at work that record certain things and play them back and a later time and/or date. Well yesterday the power went out due to someone running into a pole on Vine Street, apparently, and when it came back on, one of our computers had lost some vital settings.

My primary function at WLVL is “Production Director,” which basically means that I’m in charge of the audio elements that go into our programming – Commercials – Promos – etc. But sometimes I’m also “Computer guy” and “Engineer.” A couple times a week, I’m also “Go get lunch boy.”

Anyway – I was putzing around with the stupid computer trying to get it to work and couldn’t do the show. Sorry.

Worst part is, of course, that I couldn’t fix it. We have a team of people smarter than me (wasn’t hard to find) coming in over the weekend to hopefully make it all better.

That’s all for now. Carry on.