and it’s still not done.

So Friday I took the kids to my mothers and Jackie and I went to the WLVL Christmas party. It’s always fun cause usually someone gets drunk and stupid. Occasionally people get thrown out. You know – typical Chrismas party at a country club.

Before the party, we went to Dave & Busters in the Eastern Hills Mall. We just went for a drink, but I’ll definately go back to play games and even for dinner.

So we get to the party – check our coats and start drinking … like fish. I must have exceeded my limit cause somehow my wife and I were the first two people on the dance floor (Dancing to Atomic Dog, BTW).

This was a “community Christmas party” with different companies all taking part – but WLVL was definately THE LIFE of the party.

At one point, I hid Angela’s chair from her … so she stole a chair from another table. And when the old people came back to sit, they couldn’t. ?!?!?! That wasn’t nice. But it was damn funny.

Anyway – after the party, we went home and got changed and then to Gonzos to see Gorilla Punch.

They rocked the house, y’all.

Then we went to Denny’s where I had my usual – Moons over My Hammy with fries instead of hash browns and a bottle of Tabasco on the side. My friends and any girl I’ve ever dated will tell you that this is the same meal I’ve ordered at Denny’s since high school.

Anyway – Saturday started off very frustrating.

I tried to snowblow the drive way. Not that it really needed it, but I wanted to make sure the snow blower was working. It wasn’t.

*side story* I bought this snow blower last winter from a friend for $50. It needed a tune up and some other minor maintenance – another $50 . And this year, the damn thing doesn’t work. If I used it 10 times last year, I’ve a virgin whore. *end side story*

So I decided to go back to bed and not get up til spring.

Jackie didn’t like that solution. My second solution included spending money. I love shopping. Always have. I know – faggy – but it is what it is.

So we went to Home Depot and bought me a new slowblower.

It was a little more than I wanted to spend … (like $300 more than I wanted to spend) … but the sales person highly recommended it … and she seemed well informed. And actually, the one I was going to get was still a lot more than I had originally wanted to spend.

So then we went to PayLess and WalMart to get me new boots and some stuff for Jackie.

Then we came home – and set up a new electric stove (the heating kind) in our bedroom. It was an early anniversary present for Jackie. It didn’t work right.

Then I decided to use my new snow blower. Couldn’t get the f&*#ing thing started.

I had left the manual at Home Depot by accident, so I decided that I’d go back and get the manual in case it could help me with my problem.

I took a time out and read the manual to Jackie’s heater. It offered some advice – voila – it works.

Off to Home Depot.

Then to dinner – at the Seneca Niagara Casino Buffet. (which never fails to please, BTW).

After dinner, we returned home where the manual explained the error of my ways on my new snowblower – voila – it works!

We watched Anchorman with Will Ferrell. It was horrible. But funny.

And that concluded our night – at least the part I’m going to tell you about.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m gettin’ ready for work.

More later.

(Moral of the story … read the manual)