So the Linz’s won the Amazing Race last night. I was pretty happy about that. I really didn’t want the Weavers to win.

The Weavers were very open about their Christianity … which would have been great if they were decent people. They weren’t. Nothing frustrates me more than morally righteous people who are just bad human beings. That’s why I never make any claim to greatness – cause I know someone out there thinks my soul is black.

Anyway – so the Linz’s won by being the first family on the mat right here in Lewiston, New York.

But the race was supposed to continue after that for the 2nd and 3rd place teams, who were trying to win a consolation prize – a GMC SUV. That “episode” is only available on the internet and of course, I can’t get the damn link to work. So … I don’t know who came in 2nd. I really hope it isn’t the Weavers.

Anyone know who came in 2nd? I’d like to hear.

NCCC is supposed to vote tonight on whether to have dorms. I say no.

And the media gets to tour the new Seneca Niagara Hotel today. I’d love to see it. It opens to the public tomorrow. I guess I’ll see it then.

More later.

And Merry Dickmas.