So today’s show was quite humorous from my point of view. I’ve gotten a few emails and some other comments about the content.

My favorite: “I think that the radical Christians just use this as a way to further divide themselves from us scum. Merry Christmas to all.”

That’s kind of the point I was trying to make. I don’t see this as “Happy Holidays” people trying to kill Christmas. I see it as radicals trying to make sure Christmas kills off everything else. It’s a friggin’ holy war. What the shit?

I got four … FOUR … emails from the one guy that refuses to believe that the Bible is contradictory. They all basically say he feels sorry for me and will think of me whilst I’m burning in hell. Maybe I’m not explaining myself well enough … the BIBLE … says one thing … and then says the opposite. Isn’t that a contradiction? When John Kerry did it, I’m sure this guy said he was a flip flopper. Is God a flip flopper? No – according to Mr. Religion, God is “balanced.”



Went to Tops today. Love those triple coupons … and 5 for $10 Breyers Ice Cream? I’m in like Flynn. Oh, and 10 for $10 Malt-O-Meals and soups? Sweet.

And look – a sale on nuts. My wife thought it was funny.

For the record, I only made 2 of my 4 goals last week. I got Lou to explain his need for those other accounts. I DIDN’T get him to sign up for MySpace (I’m done trying). I got my “Best of” worthy clip (I’m stupider than the guy thought). And lastly, I DIDN’T lose three pounds. In fact … I gained a pound. Oops.

New goals:

Lose that pound – get back to 198.
Keep the Calendar Up to Date.
Get another “Best of” worthy clip.
Do a daily blog post.
Get four more MySpace friends.

That’s all for now. I’m psyched about The Amazing Race tonight. I’m rooting for the Linz family.