So I wake up last night around 2 a.m. or something. I was having a weird dream that I was on an island with some other people and we were looking for something to eat … I remember blueberries and blue flowery things … anyway, it was a weird dream.

When I woke up, I thought I heard my younger daughter crying. In fact, I think that’s why I woke up. So I lie in bed silently to see if I really heard it or was imagining it. Can’t hear anything, so I open the bedroom door. Still can’t hear anything.

And right then the power went out. And came back on. And went out again.

My wife wakes up and freaks out cause the power’s out and how’s she going to get up in the morning? So I go downstairs to check everything out, but can’t find a flashlight so I grab my phone cause I can see by the LED – a method I perfected when we were moving into the house and the electricity wasn’t on yet.

So I check the house out – everything’s okay – check they kids – sound asleep and not crying.

I go back to bed and Jackie’s still freaking out about how she’s going to wake up so I calm her and tell her I’ll set the alarm on my phone. In order to do this, I have to take it off “airplane mode,” which I set it to every night when I go to bed. Take it off airplane mode and set the alarm for 5 a.m.

Jackie got out of bed several times before 5 to make sure she wasn’t late.

At 5, the alarm went off. Or so I thought. It was actually 4:59 – literally – and Dave Marmon from WLVL was having computer problems (I hate that friggin computer). So I got up and got dressed and went into work and fixed the computer – which crapped out again later and GND called me at home and I walked him through fixing it again.

So to take the above long story and make it short (too late).

Had I not had a weird dream and woken up to what I thought was my crying child, we wouldn’t have known the power went out and I wouldn’t have gotten my phone for light and/or the alarm. Jackie would have been late to work and I never would have been able to fix the work computer problems.

But since I did – all was okay … and I got up early and Gazelled 2 1/2 miles and got the driveway snowblown nice and early.

Yeah me.

Last night’s Apprentice was both no surpise … and a surprise. I thought that Randall handled himself with class and poise … up until he was hired. Breaking from tradition, The Donald looked like he might hire both Randall and Rebecca, but “the winner” said he shouldn’t. And Trump listened. I thought this showed a lack of class on Randall’s part. Both candidates were exceptional and he seemed to think the if Rebecca was hired too, it would diminish from his victory. I was sad. To say the least.

September 11th changed everything. Now we find out that the president says lets spy on the people … and becuase of Sept. 11, it’s okay? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that Big Brother has been spying on us for years … but that doesn’t make it right.

Just like it’s not right when the GOP pushes to exclude and exploit foreigners . Not that it should shock anyone. But it’s still wrong.

Lastly, the president finally agrees that torture really is bad … or at least he says he agrees. He’ll likely “agree” with McCain but keep torturing anyway. We’ve already learned we can’t trust him, right?

That’s it for now. More later.