First of all, let me just say what a great time I had playing football today in Mudbowl XIV. And I think I did quite well. We’ll see what happens when Bob figures out all the stats, but I was proud of me … and my daughters were too. That’s the important thing, right? But man am I sore. Gettin’ old, Leffler. *sigh*

Second: Yesterday’s show has still got me laughing to myself. There really was some complaint phone calls to WLVL. I think people thought I was making up the gay cowboy movie, but I wasn’t. And if you haven’t heard it by now, you’re media deprived. One guy said (to Angela, our Traffic Director who also serves as co-host of Dial-A-Deal and does some secretarial duties (like answer complaint calls about me)) “Why doesn’t he talk about important stuff?” Well, I was open to phone calls if he had something important to discuss. I – on the other hand – had nothing important … which is why I talked about gay cowboys.

Third: I missed an important milestone. Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary with WLVL. I began Dec. 16, 2002. So I’m not working on my FOURTH year in radio. Sheesh. Whoda thunkit?

Okay, now let’s deal with some NEWS stories …

Trent Lott is suing his insurance company cause they won’t pay claims from Katrina related damage. This is a tricky one. The insurance company says Lott doesn’t have flood insurance. Lott says he’s looking to get compensated for wind-related damage. It’s odd that I’d side with Trent Lott, but I think his insurance company is trying to screw him. They’re stupid too, cause he’s got the clout to win against them … and then they’ll have to pay all the other schmucks who are claiming the same thing. ’bout time someone got those bastard insurance companies.

Google keeps on rockin’ in the free world. Yup, the search giant is now going to be allowing people to search for downloadable music … another step forward for humanity. I am one of Google’s biggest fans. I have used Google since it came out. I use GMail (now available on my cell phone – how kickass is that?. And I use Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Talk. Google is awesome. All hail Google.

I’m mourning the death of actor John Spencer … but for purely selfish reasons, I admit. I really like the West Wing. At least this season. Some year’s it’s good. Some it isn’t. We’re in a good year and Spencer’s character was running for VP. Looks like they’ll need some plot changes. I hope they work it out. And I hope Spencer’s family copes well.

I’m glad to see the Patriot Act flail around like a dying fish. It’s the fate it deserves. If we give up our freedoms what are we fighting for? I just don’t get it. Thanks Senate Democrats – and Sens. Chuck Hagel, John Sununu, Lisa Murkowski, and Larry Craig.

That’s all for now. I’ll post some drivel tomorrow, I’m sure.Thanks for reading.