Ow.” That was my first thought. I am so tight today after playing football for three hours yesterday. I know, i whined about this in my last post, but it still hurts – so I’m whining more. Deal with it.

My second thought was: “How did the Bills end up doing last night?” It was 14-7 Denver when I crashed. For the record, the Broncos won 28-17, which is actually better than I thought the Bills would do. How more more games do we have to lose to get the #1 draft pic?

Thought 3: “George Bush is a bastard.” It’s bad enough that he showed no remorse for subverting the 4th Amendment, but then he said the NY Times jeopardised national security by pointing out that he’s ignoring the Constitution. It’s always blame someone else with him. And the saddest part is that there’s still a significant portion of the country that is willing to burn and shred the Constitution “if the government will keep us safe.” Safe – slaves – what’s the difference. Side note: It was nice to hear Judge Andrew Napolitano filling in for Bill O’Reilly on Friday cause O’Reilly has no interest in the Constitution, but Napolitano spent the show ripping Bush. Thanks judge.

I think that as of tomorrow, the forum at scottleffler.com will be members only. And I’ll log back in and take control. Also, people will only be allowed 1 account. Anyone with more than one account will have all of their accounts deleted. We’ll see if that solves any problems.

The Sabres rock! – which, needless to say, I’m happy about. A friend of mine and his new wife are coming up from Cleveland next month to go to a game. They’re staying with us at the Ranch. Excited about that.

And finally, you can’t judge a Santa by his colors as drunken Santas wreak havoc in New Zealand. Funny shit.

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