Today’s show was almost back to where I want to be. I think that by Monday I’ll be my normal asshole-ish self again, bitching about nothing in particular and irritating the blue hairs around the world.

I was capable of squeezing out a bit of a rant today. It felt nice. It’s tough to hold your tongue when you’re used to speaking your mind. I’m sorry, but the state senate is evil and they must be stopped. Here’s Bob Confer’s column that I was talking about. There are some good ideas in the plan, don’t get me wrong. I just find it deplorable that the state senate knows how EVERYONE ELSE can save money when, in fact, they could save us a lot more by just NOT SPENDING!!! It’s like in your own budget. You can cut open the toothpaste to squeeze out every drop – saving a nickel a month … or you could STOP EATING DINNER AT GARLOCKS EVERY NIGHT. The senate would rather focus on toothpaste.

County manager Greg Lewis is on again tomorrow. I like Greg. I hope he doesn’t come unglued again tomorrow like he did last month. Then tomorrow afternoon, I’m interviewing John Spencer, one of the Republicans to lose to Hillary in this year’s senate race.  But that’s being taped and run back on Friday afternoon. (check the calendar)

Hot dogs for dinner. I’m excited.

I’m also excited cause a friend of mine in coming to town this weekend and we’re all going to a Sabres game. I love hockey.

There’s a new poll asking how you think 2006 will compare to last year. I think it’ll be better in every way. What say you? (I’m Bill O’Reilly).

Oh, speaking of O’Reilly, anyone see him get his ass handed to him by Letterman last night? I didn’t see it live, but it’s available on Crooks and Liars.

That’s all for now. More later. Thanks for reading.