Today is the first day in a while where I don’t see a noticable improvement in my health over the day before. But I’m still better than I was TWO days ago … so that’s good, right?

I was watching the Rose Bowl last night before I crashed. They were talking about some kid who won the Heisman and was offered millions to play in the NFL, but decided to go back for his senior year, blah blah blah. My wife thought it as a great decision on his part. I think it’s stupid. Take the money. What if you get hurt your senior year. You coulda been a millionaire. Now you’re going to sell cars. Take the money. My wife thought it was smart cause if he gets hurt later at least he’ll have his college degree. Anyone know anyone that’s actually USING their college degree? Take the money.

Stopped in to the US&J yesterday to say hi and invite them to come back on the show some time soon. I got a vibe that I was annoying them. Guess I won’t just drop in anymore. I was just being friendly.

I wish more people would just drop in to visit me at work. It would break up the monotony. My job is often boring (aside from the show). A lot of mundane paperwork crap. Pity party for Scott.

I have a meeting this afternoon with Joe Speer and Tony Nemi to discuss winterfest plans. Looking forward to it. Still looking for help (I’m talking to you).

Was listening to Sal Paonessa this morning. He started by talking about the fact that 12 miners died in a shaft and WNY was all talking about the Bills. He thought it was a sad sign of our priorities. He’s probably right, but the fact of the matter is – no matter how sad the story of the dead miners is – no one here knew them. It just doesn’t affect us.

My friends over at ripped Jeff Bono for giving money to Joe Illuzi, who it was reported in a recent Buffalo News story trades cash advertizing dollars for positive stories in his magazine. I hope this isn’t the way Jeff plans on doing business if he defeats Sanda Lee Wirth.

On that note, I’m signing off. Hope all is well in your world.