I had a good day today.

Woke up and lounged around. Read the paper. Had to go off to work, which was a shame cause Will and Megan were still here. It really sucked cause we had a really good night LAST NIGHT. Would have been nice to duplicate it … but, alas … work was calling.

So I did the whole work thing, but got out early, which allowed me to go to WLVL early and get that stuff done. Just as I got there, female voice extraordinaire Ellen Platt was showing up to do her thing, so I let her voice her stuff so I could mix it and go home. Ellen and I talked for a little bit about nothing in particular. I’ve always liked her. All the way back to when I was at the US&J and she was a reporter for WLVL. Anyway, at one point in our conversation, Ellen said something along the lines of “but I’m too Libertarian for that,” which just made my jaw drop. So I showed her my Libertarian Group on MySpace … which she mocked cause it only has three people and me. (always looking for good Libertarians) And we talked politics for a bit. In all, a good conversation.

Anyway, so I finished up at WLVL and came home to play Clue with the fam and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Now Jackie’s watching Desperte Housewives, which I don’t care for … so I’m in here blogging.

I found an interesting news story that explains the hubris of the Bush White House … Read it here. It basically says Bush breaks the rules because he knows he can get away with it.

That’s all that’s on my mind for now. Talk to ya later.