I thought today’s show went quite well … but I get frustrated cause I think that although people agree in principle that both the GOP and the Democratic Party are corrupt, they’ll vote the same next time they go to the polls. It’s like being in an abusive relationship … and not getting out cause it’s better than nothing. I just don’t get it.

My hope is that people will get frustrated enough and join the Niagara Libertarians. If they understood the party of principle, they’d join in droves, but they’re afraid of what they don’t know and will continue to stay with the Dems or with the GOP even though they figuratively beat them.

I’d like to do a show in the near future on school boards cause before you know it we’ll be having school board elections and I don’t want it to sneak up on people. Lets find the best qualified people and get rid of whoever’s in there.

What would YOU do if you were on the school board? I’d vote to get rid of all federal funding … and with it, the strings attached. I’d also vote to get rid of any state funding that comes from the Lottery. And to make up for the loss of funding, I’d cut anywhere I could – starting with administrative positions. I’d also instruct the school attorney to look into merging with Roy-Hart, Starpoint or Newfane (or all the above). Niagara Falls and LaSalle merged. Why couldn’t we? But although I have these good ideas, I can’t get them into place cause I don’t want to be a school board member. Maybe you could run and employ these good ideas on my behalf?

I’m listening to this Spencer interview again right now. I think he’s a typical right winger with typical right wing advice. He wants everyone to get along … but mocks the left while saying so. It’s a shame we couldn’t have a REAL consensus person running for senate. Looks like I’ll have to look into 3rd party candidates. Google, here I come.

More later.

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