Here it is Sunday night and I haven’t blogged since Friday. Oh well, I guess that isn’t too bad. I have a friend with a podcast … and it’s like monthly or something. I think he originally planned to do two or three a week. Sometimes I have to call him just to make sure he’s still alive.

But I’m alive. Had a great weekend. It was a MySpace buddies party at the Leffler Ranch on Friday. Joe, Kelly, Dennis, Racin’ Ray, and Nuclear Lou all came over to play Poker. Bob and Ratty Jenn were invited, but didn’t make it. Anyway, we never got to play Poker. It started with Shots and Ladders and ended up with everyone just chillin’ around the kitchen table talkin shit. In other words, it went well … oh, other than the fact that Dennis kicked my ass at air hockey.

Saturday, the big one went to a birthday party so the little one and I went to the Toys R Us that’s closing out by the Summit (Mall) and then we looked at the trailers and played in the play place that’s in there. We played bubble hockey. She scored two goals. I was proud of her.

We’re thinking we’d like to get a pop-up trailer this spring if we can find a good used one at a great price. If not, we keep waiting. We also want to get the driveway paved and I’d really like a new car … but that’ll probably wait another year.

Today was a work day. So I worked. We were hopping.

I’m getting really frustrated with my Sirius Satellite Radio. Every day I find a new favorite station. Today I discovered BackSpin, which is all old-school Hip Hop. It was sweet. LL, Kool Moe Dee, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and (get this) Kris Kross. I had to call Jackie to tell her that my Sirius Satellite Radio made me JUMP JUMP.

I didn’t neglect the Gazelling over the weekend.

Saturday I did 5 miles even (made up that missing one from Thursday) 64 minutes. 604.8 calories.

Sunday I did 2 miles. 23 minute. 242 calories. Wanted to do two more miles after work, but since we were so slamming, I stayed two hours later than I was scheduled. *sigh* Oh well, we could use the money anyway, right?

Anyone else sick of those Nanny McGee commercials? Not only am I sick of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” I might just boycott the Police entirely. And that baby in the commercials (and subsequently the movie) is BUTT UGLY!!!

I’m trying to figure out this story about two men who were arrested for using Liberty Dollars at a Sabres game. Or were they? The charges don’t match the description in the story. For my interview with Liberty Dollar architect, Bernard Von NotHaus, click here.

That’s all for now. Hope your weekend was as good as mine.