So it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted here. Sorry. I got no excuse. I just suck.

What a great week it’s been, though. I can’t seem to recall any of it, but I have a warm tingly feeling that tells me it was good.

I thought today’s shows went well. Open Dialog can always be scary cause I never know if people are going to actually call and save my sorry non-planning-ahead @ss or if they’ll let me drown. Today I was saved.

It was nice to see my buddy Dave. He was supposed to come into town Saturday and we were going to go out, but he stayed in Pottsdam and I ended up workin’, so, it’s all good. After work I went out. Drank a few. Officially it was “only two.” You know how that works.

So back to Dave. If you know Dave, you’ll understand this. Otherwise … Well, here’s the thing. The girl he was with … Lisa … she was very cute. Dave usually doesn’t hook up with cute girls. We usually have to push them back in the water, if you know what I mean. So … go Dave.

I also really enjoyed todays Interview. I really like interviews that don’t FEEL like an interview. Aaron was really smooth and I have mad respect for Urban Dictionary – fo sho.

More later. Thanks for dropping by!