So it looks like Sam Alito has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court. I’ll be blunt … we’re in trouble. With the block of Alito, Scalia and Thomas all solidly in the pocket of radical conservatism … and Kennedy and Roberts tipping in that direction, the Supreme Court has entered the dark ages.

As I said on the show last week, I would have voted against Alito … but I wouldn’t have fillibustered. But there was a part of me that was hoping the Democrats could find their manhoods (and womanhoods) and fillibuster. How odd that John Kerry seemed like the voice of reason last Friday.

As a member of the “elite media,” I get faxes and emails and press released galore on stuff like this. I got one from Judicial Watch today that just made me laugh. It goes on an on about “the liberals” and ends by pointing out that they’re glad about a “conservative block on the high court for decades to come,” but then later states that they’re non-partisan. Where do they get off like that? In another part of their “non-partisan” website, they use the Jack Abramoff scandal as an excuse to rip on the Clinton administration. Non-partisan my ass. Now I don’t mind groups with a point of view (like Fox News, for example), but don’t then pretend you don’t have one.

On Fox News, I’m listening to Bill O’Reilly talk about the “elite media,” and he always talks about these “liberal newspapers,” pointing to their editorial positions as proof that they’re part of the “secular progressive” movement, but says Fox News is down the middle. Whenever someone calls him on it, he says … well the news is down the middle. The commentators aren’t news. But editorials in the LA Times are? I don’t get it. More doublespeak from Mr. No Spin.

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s speech. I hope I get hammered. If I follow the rules of my drinking game, it’ll be hard not to.

Norm Palmer is my guest tomorrow. I love Norm. He’s a good guy. And he knows a lot about sports. But he’s way to friggin’ organized and generally anal for my liking. He’s been asking me details about how tomorrow’s show is going to go for like three weeks. He’s got an outline and knows all this stuff. I’m just not that on-the-ball. I start planning for a show the day before … at MOST!!! Usually it’s more like that morning. I’m an on-the-fly kinda guy. Alright. Nuf’ bitchin’.

Peace Out!