So today, Racin’ Ray and I are going to review the commercials from yesterday’s “Big Game.”

The game sucked … and frankly, the commercials weren’t that much better.

I missed the first quarter and a bit of the second quarter, so I had to catch up on the commercials via the lovely internet. Thank God they make it easy now, in fact, has a nice little interface that will even allow you to rate them yourself.

Of course, USA Today has it’s annual Ad Meter in today’s paper. Always a good way to follow along.

Can you believe this is the fourth year in a row that I’ve done this particular show. And the second time that Racin’ Ray has co-hosted.

Yesterday, while working, I was driving out in Timbuktu and I saw a house for sale (no big deal) … but in the back yard was … a CANNON!!! That was too cool. I want a cannon for the Ranch. How cool would that look sitting in the back yard? Anyway … I thought since these people are selling their house, they might not want to lug the cannon to wherever they’re moving to, I’ll go see if they’d be interested in selling it. (I really do want a cannon – I’m not playing). But here’s what sucks. As I got close to it, It wasn’t a cannon. It was just a two wheeled cart that was propped up and looked like a cannon from afar. Crap. I’ll keep looking.

Less than a month now to the Polar Bear swim. I have $130 pledged (only $75 in hand, though). I need AT LEAST another $120 … and I’d like to get $500 altogether. We’ll see what happens.

That’s it for now. I’m off to work. *sigh*


Oh, one last thing … I wish that MySpace would put a “currently listening to” section and allow you to pick Sirius radio channels. I’m currently listening to Octane … and can you believe, they’re playing Ministry. NWO. How friggin’ very.

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