For those that don’t know, two Buffalo radio stations are “flipping formats” to liberal talk.

The Mighty KB, AM 1520 switched yesterday with a decent lineup of Bill Press (6-9 a.m.), Stephanie Miller (9 a.m. – noon), and Ed Schultz (3 p.m. – 6 p.m.). Some holes still exist, but those three shows are pretty decent and if they find fill-ins for the rest, they’ll be in good shape.

WHLD, AM 1270 is morphing next week. They already have some lib-talk … and some other stuff that’s … not good to listen to. Next week, they’ll be adding in Al Franken and the crew from Air America. I’m not sure what shows will air and what won’t. Plus they’ll have local content with Ray Marks (formerly of WGR) and local news.

It will be a pretty interesting battle between the two. I’ll be watching from the comfortable confines on the WLVL studios.

One of my big problems is that I don’t fit in with an all-liberal format … But I also don’t fit in with an all-conservative format. As has been the custom in my life, I just don’t fit in. I’ve dealt with it for 30 years … I’ll deal with it for another 30, I’m sure.

Today’s show will be about a variety of topics, including the sham NSA hearings, garbage on Main Street, and whatever else comes up.

I see in the news that Donald Trump endorsed Eliot Spitzer for governor, saying he’ll “be good for business.” That screws up the GOP talking point that he hates business, doesn’t it? Ha. Ha!

That’s it for now. More later.