I got an email today informing me that Bob Rooney updated his crappy web site. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. But apparently, it included a little something about me. Aw, Bob. How thoughtful.

“I was talking with one of our city leaders a couple months ago and he was telling me how one member of the local media had taken to airing nasty smears against me over the radio.”

A couple months ago … the LAST time Rooney updated pieceofcrap.com, I was complaining about his shady fundraising efforts. Mr. Rooney is claiming that it costs him $4,000 to run his web site for a year. And unfortunately, people were buying into it, but according to his new post (click here for the whole thing), his fundraising efforts are flailing.

While I’m not typically one to stand in the way of someone elses success, if that success depends on the fleecing of people who don’t know any better, I’m happy to stand in his way.

Of course, Mr. Rooney will paint this as David and Goliath … and of course I’m Goliath. (Just like Congressman Tom Reynolds constantly tells people that he won’t come on my show cause I’m mean to him.) But back to Rooney. When his website only sucked 1/2 as much, his postings were daily smears of the Sullivan administration and the Democrats in the county legislator.

Rooney can lie in the bed he made. He just can’t lie to the public anymore without getting called out.

Sorry, Bob. Your free reign is over. But I’ll have a pity party for you.

Poor Bob.