It’s the “Phyllis Green Show” Part 2 today. There’s a huge part of me that wonders if it’s just goign to come off as a repeat or if there’s anything new to be heard. I guess we’ll find out.

One of Phyllis’ contentions for not hiring firefighters is that “it’s a wash.” To me, that’s a good thing. If we can get five more firefighters – a higher level of protection – and not lose money on the deal, how is that bad? It’s not like the fire union will actually work to save the city money anyway. Actually, that always bugs me. When they whine about “public safety,” and you can tell they just want cash money. I hope I’m never that self-serving.

You might notice that there’s a new menu option at Music. It’s part of my side project to promote music in this part of the world. Every band that sends me their info will get a bio page with a photo and a link to their web site. I’m also going to do whatever I can to uplift the local music scene, which already rocks out loud.

On that note, plans for Saturday’s concert are coming together nicely. I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you are, too.

Remember Katherine DeBrecht? The children’s author? She has a pretty cool auction going on on eBay. You can win a walk-on role in her next book, basically. And your job in the book? You get to arrest Hillary Clunkton, the congresswoman from New York. Check the auction.

That’s it for now. Hope you’re all well. TTYL.