I feel so silly. Giddy almost. I’m almost embarrassed, but apparently not embarrassed enough cause I’m writing a blog about it.

Do you remember when you were younger and mom and dad decided to get cable? I recall going from antenna (where we got 2, 4, 7, and 29) to cable (and we got like 30 channels). I remember running home from school that day, knowing that the television viewing possibilities would be nearly endless. I can’t, for the life of me, recall what additional channels we got, but it was thrilling. That I know.

Well, I’m right back there again. Today … cable get’s hooked up.

Funny thing is, I’m hardly increasing my channel lineup. In fact, I think I’ll have less channels when all is said-and-done. With my Dish, I have like 250 channels or something. But it’s the few “new” channels that I’m excited about.

First and foremost, I’ll no longer have to tell people, “Yeah, I can’t watch Tom Christy’s show. I don’t have cable.” LCTV. Community friggin television. Wayne’s World – Niagara County style. And I’m jacked.

Here’s the thing; we’re in flux here in Niagara County. There are a few of us pushing very hard for positive change. I’m one of them. One of the others is Tom Christy. His show, Legislative Journal, gives folks like us an opportunity to not only see and hear what the politicrats are trying to spin, but call them out on it. And simply by hosting this show, Tom has proven to be one of the good guys.

And with my soon-to-be-found ability to watch Legislative Journal, I’ll have additional fodder (read as ammo) with which to piece together my show. Simply put, watching LJ will make me stronger.

I’m pretty jazzed about that.

On a less significant, but still somewhat exciting note, with Time Warner’s DVR, I’ll be able to watch one thing while taping another. I’ve had DVR for years now, but with Dish Network’s, you can’t watch something live while taping something else. This means we’ll no longer have to choose between two good shows. We can watch both. One now. One later.

Next move: a big screen HDTV.Give me a few months on that, though.

Have a good morning.