A caller into today’s show used George W. Bush’s assinine decision to commune the sentence of Scooter Libby as a reason to bring up dirt on Bill Clinton. It’s a typical right-wing strategy. Every time the president does something indefensible, they blame Clinton for a similar guffaw.

From what I’ve since learned, Bill Clinton pardoned 16 Puerto Rican’s in 1999 against the advice of the FBI and the DOJ (story). I cannot find any reason not to think this was anything less than a politically motivated pardoning and will not defend it. I’ve never claimed that Bill Clinton was perfect. I just prefer him to the current fiasco we’ve got running 1600 Pennsylvania.

However, at least Clinton was condemned for it at the time as indicated in the story.

The huge difference here is the number of people coming to Bush’s defense … as opposed to when Clinton did it.

To be fair, I told the caller I didn’t recall the Puerto Rican pardoning. I still don’t. I can only go on the information I was provided by the above link.