For the fifth year in a row, I’ll be taking the first Sunday in March to do something stupid.

I’ll be participating in the Olcott Lions Club Swim for Sight … also known as the Polar Bear Swim.

Over the course of the last four years, my friends and family have donated over $1,000 to this worthy cause … becuase I was willing to freeze my butt off and generally make a fool of myself.

And last year, in addition to the nearly $250 I raised from others, I donated $100 myself – through my internet radio station All WNY Radio – as a sponsor of the event.

All WNY Radio will be sponsoring the swim for a second year, and I’ll get a mild case of pneumonia for a fifth straight year. And I’m hoping that you’ll help me to make sure it’s not in vain.

I know times are tight and people are trying to hold on to every penny they get. I can’t say I blame you. In fact, I just returned from Scholastic Bowl, which is – essentially – my THIRD job.

The Lions Club certainly wouldn’t be greedy … and neither will I. But if you’ve got a few spare dimes, it’ll help. At the end of this greeting there is a donate button from PayPal. It will allow you to set your own donation amount. If you’re independently weather and have been trying to figure out with that spare grand, I’m sure the Lions Club will appreciate it. Or if you’re more like me and would be willing to forego a double-double from Tim Hortons, I’m sure the Lions Club would appreciate the $1.45.

Seriously, every dollar counts. And with my list of contacts, if I get one dollar from each of you, I’ll more than reach my goal of $250 in donations for this year’s swim.

Thank you in advance …