I enjoy watching television from time to time. With all the crazy real-life stuff going on in my head, some escape is always welcomed.

But I’m not a TV nut. There are seldom shows that I feel I can’t miss. Rarely shows I look forward to … or plan on watching.

The new Terminator series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is a definate exception. As a fan of the movies, I looked forward to the premiere of this show. And in preparation, I rented and watched the three Terminator movies with the kids (to the dismay of my wife).

The new Fox TV series follows the movies very closely. And in fact, each episode almost seems as though it is its own movie, with production quality to match.

I think one of my favorite things, though, is that the kids look forward to the show as well. And we all look forward to sitting down together and watching it. While I wish my wife were more interested in the show – and more importantly the family time that comes with/from it – it’s kind of nice to have something that just the kids and I do together.

If you haven’t been watching this show, I have to suggest you go to fox.com and catch up … and then start watching next week. And let me know what you think.