Today on the show, I mentioned “Aunt Eunice.”

When I was in elementary school and junior high, I attending Niagara Bible Camp in Olcott, NY. The women in charge were “Aunt Eunice” and “Aunt Alice.”

I knew Alice’s last name was Rusmussen. And today I found out that Eunice’s last name is Blood. A few people called into the show to tell me that they, too had gone to Niagara Bible Camp.

I mentioned how funny it is that I went to Bible Camp and turned into such a miscreant. A couple listeners agreed.

I loved Bible Camp and have several memories of it. They include Tina, Lynn, Tisha, another Tina and Kelly. At least I had my priorities straight.

I’m just wondering if anyone else happened to go to NBC?

Or did you have your own summer camp you went to?

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