With Barack Obama’s commanding wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii yesterday, Hillary Clinton has got to be getting worried.

Wisconsin and Hawaii were wins number 9 and 10 in a row for Obama … and with each win he gets, Clinton’s odds dwindle since she then must get a higher percentage of the votes yet to be cast.

I heard a couple weeks ago on MSNBC that Hillary had to get 55 percent from then on out. Well now with yesterdays losses (which were pretty substantial), does that mean she’s up to needing 60 percent?

Of course, it would all be easier to discern if any two sources had the same delegate counts, but they seem different no matter where you look.

I did find one resource that seems a little easier to use than most others … it’s the New York Times Election Guide 2008. It has a map, delegate counts, percentages, etc.

Speaking of percentages … back to Obama and Clinton, note that Hillary has won the larger states … but not by much … and Obama has won the smaller states … mostly by a wide margin. In fact, with the exception of Missouri, (and Iowa, when it was a three-person race still) every Obama victory has been by double digits.

Just some political thoughts since I won’t be talking politics on Dialog today … my guests for the morning: The Niagara County Historical Society …

Have a good one.