Looks like the Democrats in the state senate picked up another seat with their special election victory on Tuesday.

If you’ve been following Albany Update on Dialog, you knew all about this election. Otherwise, it might shock you to hear there was one …

This is the Democrats second seat pick-up in less than a year. It narrows the GOP control of the senate to just two seats (any GOP to Dem switch will be a 31-31 split).

Will heads roll? Rumor had it that Joe Bruno’s future could depend on yesterday’s election. He’s certainly part of the problem. Getting rid of him could only be a good thing.

How will the local delegation react? What’s State Sen. George Maziarz going to do? He had relied on George Pataki for his power and now that well’s run dry. If he loses Bruno, might the 62nd district’s constant flow of pork funds dry up as well?

And that pork and power that flowed to Pataki to Bruno to Maziarz to the 62nd has made Maziarz the most powerful man in Niagara County. What will become of him now? Might we find out that without the backing of a Republican governor and Joe Bruno, the emperor wears no clothes?

Only time will tell … but I’ll have fun speculating in the mean time.

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