This morning on Dialog, I discussed the ongoing saga at LCTV.

I brought this up a couple weeks ago, upset over the way they’re handling their affairs – and specifically how they’re treating Tom Christy, host of Legislative Journal, the TV group’s most popular show.

And this morning, I spoke with a Town of Lockport woman who felt harassed by the organization after she asked for a copy of LCTV’s bylaws – which they were obligated to give her, but never did.

Several callers felt that LCTV is abusing the powers given to it by our tax dollars and cable bills.

One called for a picket.

I sort of brushed that aside, but after thinking about it, realized that it might just do the trick. If nothing else, it would cause the rest of the local media – which has completely ignored the issue – to finally take note.

What do you think? Picket? Cause a ruckus?

I’m not nearly the rabble rouser that people peg me as … but wonder if it might help this situation if I were.

Any picket would have to have a serious number of people to be of any significance. A couple dozen minimum.

Want to be one of ’em? I’m down if you are …