Todays show dealt almost exclusively with Lockport’s concert series beginning on June 27th.

For the list of bands, check this previous blog post

Some questions arose, though … such as who will be “Jim Morrison” when Riders on the Storm come to town on August 8th. An IM that I got after the show says it will be Brett Scallions, formerly of Fuel. He was kind enough to include a link to their web site

Also, a caller after the show concluded reminded me that the band I had seen on Ellen with the new lead singer (but with almost an identical voice to the former lead singer) was Journey, who found their new lead singer on YouTube of all places.

Lastly, some callers had a discussion about natural gas vs. oil … so I decided to do some research. It’s very confusing and didn’t help … but here are a couple of links I read through.

As you can see from the three links, everyone seems to have a different take on this issue. Very confusing. But … my take is that since I don’t really use that much oil now that I’m heating primarily with the wood stove … the “advantage” of switching to anything would take a decade to recoup. So I’ll stay where I am, thank you.

By the way, Thrifty Oil and Propane has oil at $4.29 a gallon … exactly what I paid for it last week. So my delivery guy must have been pulling my leg.

Don’t forget the poll on what you think of Lockport’s concert lineup (at right).